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Power Rangers Fanfiction
Hello, and welcome to my fanfic community! So, this is very new, and it's taking me a while to upload everything here, but all of my works will eventually make their way over here.

General Disclaimer: Way back in 1993, Saban started up a kids show based on a popular Japanese tv show, and named it Power Rangers. The season I write for most (well only thus far) is Power Rangers in Space, which was, at the time, still owned by Saban. Now the Power Rangers name, along with all the characters belongs to Disney. The only things that belong to me here are the plot and random characters that you don't recognize. This applies to any and all works of fiction posted here (unless otherwise specified).

I write slash, a lot of it. Especially in oneshots. I occasionally write poly, though I don't know if any of it has ever made it's way here, but it's definitely a possibility. So if you're squicky about those types of things....this comm probably isn't for you.