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Glimpses--Story 2: Zhane & Andros

Story: Glimpses
Summary: Glimpses of loves found and lost on the Astro team over the years.
Chapter 2: Zhane & Andros (and Zhane & Ashley)
Description: Zhane and Andros don't go on a date.
Rating: T (for later chapters)
Author Note: This is loosely based on the second of rosabelle 's prompts. (Her request was 'Andros/Zhane, out on a date.') I wanted to see what happened between Ashley and Zhane, so I decided to attempt this style of writing for this prompt. It's my first time trying it, so I hope it flows alright. Thanks go to the amazing tsukino_akume  for the beta. :)


"I don't. And I'm glad you found a team. You needed them, especially since you didn't have the Mighty Silver Ranger at your back."Collapse )
Story: Glimpses
Summary: Glimpses of loves found and lost on the Astro team over the years.
Chapter 1: Ashley & Andros
Description: Ashley takes Andros for a walk on the beach.
Rating: T (for later chapters)
Author Note: So this is my submission to Alpha's Magical Fic Exchange (hosted by prficathons) , for my snowflake, rosabelle . While trying to decide which of her four prompts to write however, my brain turned it into a linked bunch of one-shots that ended up extending far beyond those four prompts. (In fact, I think I have somewhere around 11 or so planned thus far.) So, she will eventually get all of her prompts and more in what will be a big damn self-indulging fic. (Well, almost self-indulging? *giggles*)

So, I give you Glimpses, short stories from the lives of the Astro Rangers over the years. Yes, this is a 'how they all end up together' fic, cause I can't seem to come up with an *actual* plot for this to actually make sense. Expect lots of slash and polyamory to ensue. :D

Extra thanks to tsukino_akume  for helping me get through this prompt.

"Maybe someday I can show you the stars on KO-35."Collapse )


Behind the Mask--Chapter 20: Reunions

Behind the Mask
by Starlit Purple


"You're Karone."Collapse )

BtM - Chapter 19: Unexpected

Power Rangers belongs to Saban! :D (It feels so awesome to say that.) So, wow hi! It's been forever since I've written much of anything and I've been stuck on this chapter for a very long time. Mostly because I didn't know where the rest of this was going to go. But thanks to my amazing friend, Tsukino Akume-who let me babble to her for hours, I now know exactly how this part of the story is going to end. This fic has a few chapters more, and then I will start on a second part! Because I realized that it would be easier to just start anew once this arc is finished, and there is still so much that I have planned for this. But the rest of Behind the Mask is plotted and planned, and I will be working on the next chapter as soon as I get this one posted. So, hopefully more very soon. :D

Behind the Mask
by Starlit Purple

“Don't you get it? We're trying to help you!"Collapse )


So it's been foreeever since I've really written anything more than a few paragraphs, and this document has been sitting idle on my laptop for several months, and it just happened to be up when I opened my laptop, so I figured I'd work on it. (Run-on sentence ftw!) To add to that, I got the most awesome review on Behind the Mask today that boosted my confidence and is probably the real reason this got finished. *giggles*

Do I like it? Parts of it. Do I think it's awesome? Not really. But knowing that *someone* out there really likes my writings, even when I don't as much means a lot to me. And is the reason I'm posting this. Cause even though I think it's crap, and it's crazy noticeable I haven't written anything in a good while (at least to me anyway), someone will get something from it. So, I hope you enjoy. :)

Title: Shaving
Pairing: Andros/Ashley/Zhane
Summary: Shaving isn't the easiest for Andros.
Rated: G

“Shaving is stupid.”Collapse )

BtM Chapter 18: Conversations

Disclaimer: Not mine! Took me two chapters to get this little plot out, and it's still not quite there yet. *giggles* This chapter caught me by surprise, honestly. All but a few paragraphs were actually in the plans for this one, but the characters decided to do their own thing. *laughs* Enjoy!

Behind the Mask
by Starlit Purple

Chapter 18: ConversationsCollapse )

Shipping meme reply: Cassie/Ashley

Note: This was posted to my personal journal in September. I meant to post it and the previous entry here, but never got around to it. (Done spamming now! Sorries! ♥)

Heh, this is my reply to purplestripe66 for her request of Cassie/Ashley to my shipping meme. Posting here, cause it was getting so long I wasn't sure it'd fit in a comment. *grin* This is also the second time ever that I've written them. I'm finding I quite like them. ^_^ Lots. ♥

Was going to wait until I'd done the others, but phantom_blue needs cheering up love and cuddles and this has both. ♥


Ashley and Cassie snuggle under a meteor showerCollapse )

Shipping Meme Reply: Andros/Ashley/Zhane

Note: I posted this to my personal journal in September and was too lazy (read: tired) to post it here as well. I was back-reading and came across it and the upcoming entry and remembered about wanting to post here and ff.net. (For those of you on my f-list as well, so sorry for *more* spam! I love you all!)

What is this?! I'm writing productively tonight! o.O And I was planning on sleep about four hours ago... Ooopies. But this meme is evil! And I wasn't even planning to write any more! (at least not tonight.) But then I ate some pudding and thought up another idea for Andros, Ashley, and Zhane. And I've never even written them past a couple sentences! *glee!* Accomplishment! Both of these are very raw and have been quickly thrown together, so if I've missed something or it makes no sense, it's probably the result of no sleep. :P

Either way, this is my reply for phantom_blue , who asked for Andros and Ashley, with Zhane too, if I wanted. (Apparently I did. *winks at Rosa*) It's considerably long for a drabble--3 pages, but I have a hard time when it comes to short. *grin*

Also going to the library tomorrow finally! :D Which is why I'll be crashing as soon as I get this posted properly. :P But yay! :D

I started this chapter as soon as I finished the last one, got three pages into it before I decided I didn't like it and stopped. I planned (and tried) to do a rewrite, but it never got any further than the first few paragraphs--which I did like better than what I had for the original beginning and tacked on to the front of this. Needless to say, it didn't go any further cause I wasn't in the mood for a rewrite, yet didn't want to continue the long version of what I had either. So it's been sitting on my laptop for about four months or so.

I was rereading some of my old favorites the other day and sparked some inspiration for this. So, I solved my problem! I decided to just end it where I left off (it is a good breaking point), and start a new chapter from a new angle, so I can get this moving again. Possibly and probably the shortest chapter for this story, but hopefully this'll get me unstuck and into more of the fun stuff. (Cause there's lots of fun stuff coming! :D)


“I am detecting a ship approaching rapidly off the port bow.”Collapse )
Ok, this is completely and totally tsukino_akume 's fault. -Grin- We were talking plot for her current fic (Fractured Fates) and I suddenly got the urge to see Andros and Zhane dancing together. Oh, and I stole a planet from her as well, on accident. -Giggles- Gannos is her creation, and I'm using it with her permission. Now, I know pretty much nothing about this planet, so it's probably not exactly...right per say, just warning. ^_~ Annnd, she also beta'd for me too! :D -Loves her lots- Thanks again, love! ♥

This is a gift to the wonderful rosabelle, for she is now graduated, and I ist very proud of her. ♥ I love you, sweetie! -Snuggles-

The DanceCollapse )